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There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing your wedding gown. After all, this will likely be the biggest, and most important, clothing expenditure you will ever make. All of those considerations – cut, color, length, and style – begins with one thing. The fabric.
The fabric of your gown can depend on a number of things including the theme of the wedding, location, and more. If you are getting married somewhere warm like Las Vegas, wedding dress fabric should be thin and airy. A bride looking for a movie star look like the Audrey Hepburn classic Sabrina might opt for Damask.
Today, we want to break down for you our 10 favorite fabrics used in custom wedding dresses, wedding dress alterations, and wedding dress accessories.
Peau De Soie – Soft and satiny, Peau de Soie has a grainy texture and dull luster. This is a high-quality fabric that is ideal for draped construction.

peau-de-soie las vegas custom wedding dress

Moire – A heavy fabric with an almost fluid design, moire is a crisp silk plain woven fabric that isoften used in corsets as well. Its heavy weight makes it a great solution for fall or winter weddings.

las vegas custome wedding dress fabric - moire
Georgette – Super-lightweight, this fabric is usually made from polyester or silk and is perfect forwarm weather climates. Sheer and almost see-through, this stunning selection grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

custom wedding dress las vegas - georgette fabric


Faille – This silk fabric is easier to tailor than softer silks without losing the glossy, woven look. Thisstyle of fabric can be made from synthetic fibers, cotton, or silk.

faille fabric for las vegas custom wedding gowns
Dupioni – This is the most popular silk blends for all types of wedding garments. Thick and coarse, Dupioni has a rougher texture than shantung, which has a similar sheen and is often used synonymously.

las vegas custom wedding gown fabric - dupioni
Shantung – Speaking of shantung, this is a textile that looks like raw silk and has a rubbed texture. One of the more popular fabrics, this one is slightly smoother than the previously mentioned Dupioni.

las vegas wedding dresses - shantung
Silk Mikado – This is a blend of silks that results in a heavier weight and is often used in cooler weather.

wedding dress accessories silk mikado fabric
Organza or Organdy – These nearly identical fabrics are both sheer in look and crisp in texture. The difference between the two is that organza is made from silk and organdy is made from cotton. This flowy fabric is used in overlays and skirt stuffing.

organza custom wedding gown fabric
Damask – Lightweight with raised designs, damask is a gorgeous alternative to traditional textiles and is a great choice for warmer climates.

las vegas wedding dress damask
Brocade – Traditionally a fall and winter selection, brocade also sports a raised design. Unlike Damask though, the raised designs are similar in color to the base fabric creating a subtle yet beautiful look.

brocade fabric for custom wedding gowns


A beautiful dress begins with a beautiful fabric. Working with these fabrics is not only fun, but always makes for a gorgeous bride.

Still not sure which one to use? Give us a call at +1 702-966-9717 or make an appointment and we will show you the way.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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