12 Tips For Better Photography0

Photography is more than just point and shoot.

Getting a great shot takes talent and skill. While we can’t all be the best photographer in Las Vegas, we can use a few tips to become better.
In our Las Vegas wedding photography, kid’s photography, and engagement photography sessions, we employ certain tips and tricks we have discovered over the years to make sure our images turn out the best. Today, we want to pass some of these tricks on to you that you can use to make your photos of Las Vegas better.
Practice. The saying “practice makes perfect” is famous for a reason. Without practice, you cannot hone the skills it takes to improve your photography.

Las Vegas Photographer
Flash isn’t just for the dark. Conventional wisdom states that the flash is only used at night or in dark places, butLas Vegas Photographer that simply isn’t true. Especially bright days can create shadows and valleys on faces, and using the flash can help fill those spots in. This helps showcase your subjects face and creates a better photo.

Got jokes? A clever joke with the right timing can quickly create a genuine smile and look of joy on even the most difficult of faces. We all know how hard children’s photography can be when trying to get little ones to smile at the right time, but a well-placed, age-appropriate joke can make everyone’s job easier.

Know your equipment. We know. Reading the manual isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. But understanding your equipment and it’s most basic functions can make a big difference in how well that Las Vegas engagement photo turns out.

Stop obsessing over every shot. Keep shooting. Don’t stop to look at every picture you take, or you may miss out on a special moment. There is plenty of time to review shots later and with the main medium of storage being digital instead of film you have nothing to worry about. Review the photos later, and simply delete the ones you do not like.

Use the SLas vegas Family Photographerun. Knowing where the sun is positioned is important. Shooting with the sun directly behind the subject can create a flat and boring pic. Placing the sun next to or in front of the subject can create dramatic lines and shadows for an outstanding image.

Join a community. Being a part of an active community either online or in Las Vegas can help you see things in your photography that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Being able to show your pics to other professionals and enthusiasts for constructive criticism helps jump start your skill level.

Take advantage of the time. Shooting Las Vegas engagement or wedding photos during the “golden hour” enhances the people and landscape. Colors are more vibrant and the light is softer during this time of day.

The rule of thirds. One common tip is to break your frame down into thirds both horizontally and vertically, then placing your subject on the cross section. This creates more dramatic images and adds life.

Keep colors limited. A cardinal rule in most forms of design is to limit colors to just a few to keep the design from becoming too busy and confusing. This is true in photography as well. While there are some situations that call for an array of colors, most shots will be improved by really focusing on just a few colors.

Be inspired. Look at various forms of photography every chance you get. By drawing inspiration from all sorts of mediums, books, online, galleries, etc., you can enhance your own abilities.

Forget rules!
Some of the most beautiful Pulitzer Prize-winning photos have broken all the rules. You just never know when you might catch the perfect moment because you were willing to step outside of the box and trust your instincts.

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