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Finding someone to share your life with is a blessing, but keeping a marriage successful is no doubt a challenge. It is easy to lose that feeling you had during the honeymoon and as people grow and get older we have to be reminded to take time to appreciate each other. It takes a little work, but with a few tips you can keep your marriage strong and loving for a long time.

Here are some of the best tips learned during almost 20 years of matrimony.

1: Give time to each other:

This is probably the most important tip in any relationship advice. Lives are getting busier due to hectic work schedules but still, it is necessary to make time for each other. It will help keep you close and show her that she is important.

2: Be romantic:

Never stop being romantic with your spouse. It doesn’t have to be rose petals and bubble baths all the time. Small actions can be of great significance in maintaining a good relationship. A warm hug while leaving to the office or a sweet kiss just before sleeping can remind him that you love him.

3: Appreciate your spouse:

Sometimes, all we need to feel good is appreciation. It is human nature. It can be easy to forget about all the small things your spouse does for you so be sure to recognize them every once in a while with a thank you, or a good job. A small gesture can mean the world.

4: Have fun with each other:

Our busy routines make marriage life quite boring sometimes. But you can bring back the excitement in it. Take out some time from your busy routine and have some fun with your spouse. You can either plan a dinner date or take a short break and visit a beautiful destination.

5: Try to understand her feelings:

Your spouse is not always going to express her feelings in front of you. Try to understand the actions and expressions. If you feel that your spouse is tense and having some problem, offer her your support. Listen to her problems and address them. Offer full support in any way you can. Together, you can accomplish almost anything.

6: Maintain yourself:

Take care of yourself and maintain your appearance. Your spouse wants you to look good. And never forget to complement your spouse when they are well dressed.

7: Flexibility:

Be flexible. Pick your battles. Your spouse isn’t perfect and you aren’t either. And that’s OK! Just because they don’t do something the way you would doesn’t mean they are doing it wrong. At the end of the day, you two love each other and fighting over trivial matters just isn’t worth it.

8: Be honest with each other:

Don’t lie about anything. Even white lies can make your spouse not trust you. Without trust, marriage is very difficult. So always be honest with each other no matter what the circumstances are.

9: Accept each other as you are:

You married each other the way you are, and you fell in love the way you are. Trying to change each other now will only lead to resentment and anger. We all have room to grow, and the wonderful part of marriage is you have someone to grow with.

10: Always look for the positive:

It can be easy to see all of the bad things we do to each other, but if you can stay positive and focus on all of the good things he does then your love for each other will only grow.

11: Keep it real:

At some point we have all envisioned what our perfect wife or husband would be. Actually finding someone that meets that vision perfectly is a bit like trying to find a unicorn. We would love to do it, but it isn’t going to happen. So don’t put too much pressure on each other to be that perfect vision. It can leave your spouse feeling like a failure when they are unable to live up to the hype you created for them.

12: Give surprises to each other:

Surprises are a good way of making your spouse happy. It shows that you are thinking of him even when you are not together. This could be done in simple ways, like leaving a love note on the pillow before going to the office. You can write a love note on the mirror in lipstick before going to bed. If you want to go bigger, a surprise dinner date or a gift works wonders too.

13: Never get comfortable:

Sometimes we can take for granted that our spouse just knows how we feel about them. While actions speak louder than words, the words are very nice to hear. So don’t forget to tell each other from time to time how important you are to each other. Make it clear and say it proudly!

14: Back up your partner:

It is true that you won’t always agree with each other. There is nothing wrong with that. Disagreements are how we grow as people and as a couple. In front of friends, family, and your children is not the time to point it out though. Respecting each other is important and how you treat each other in front of people is a declaration of respect.

Marriage won’t always be easy, but it can remain wonderful through thick and thin with a little work.

What are your best tips for keeping marriage strong? Do you agree with our list? Did we miss anything? Sound off in the comments below!

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