15 Fails Every Bride Can Avoid0

We have all seen the pictures online. The bride that falls into the mud, or the hilariously short skirt on some poorly chosen Las Vegas wedding gown. While it is funny to us to see those poor people, no one wants to be that unfortunate bride or the embarrassed future spouse standing next to her.

Avoiding a public gaffe is usually a simple matter of planning and foresight. So, we put together this list of wedding day fails that you can (hopefully!) avoid.

1. Many brides love to have a hand in setting up the venue and the ceremony on the day and if you are one of those then make sure you have allocated enough time and have enough help. Even if you have to set up the day before (if the venue allows it) can help relieve a large portion of the stress when it comes time to actually walk down the aisle.


2. The unexpected can always happen, no matter how carefully you plan. That is why we have wedding insurance. Planning a wedding can take a year or more and you may have placed a deposit on a venue only for it to go out of business. There are also extreme weather events, fires, and a number of other things that can postpone or force a cancellation. For a fraction of the total cost of the wedding, you can make sure you get some of the costs back, even if it is a non-refundable deposit.


3. Buying accessories before the dress is another easily avoidable blunder that could result in a blushing bride. Not knowing the design of the wedding gown or the material and other details could have you with an ill-fitting accessory. Make sure you have the gown before buying any accessories for it.


4. Make sure the parents know their roles. We all know about bridezillas, but a mother of the bridezilla can be just as bad, if not worse. Give your parents on both sides specific roles and avoid those embarrassing moment.


5. Not leaving enough time for preparation. Hair, makeup, and getting dressed can take a while and to make sure you have enough time to do all of these things right can mean the difference between a perfect day and a hilarious YouTube video.


6. Don’t forget to eat something. Fainting at the alter might make for an entertaining video, but it is not how you want the day to go.


7. Be open minded when it comes to buying the dress. I know that you may have the perfect idea in mind when you come into the bridal boutique, but there are plenty of reasons the dress you have in mind may not work. Body type, material, and design all play a part in how well a dress fits and stays on throughout the night. Don’t let stubbornness ruin your big day!


8. Don’t take on too much before or during the ceremony. Your soon to be spouse is there to help you through life, and that includes the wedding. Involve them and let them shoulder some of the responsibility too.


9. Know where to draw the line with the photographer. Some photographers love to get those silly shots that make the couple look like a barrel of laughs, but sometimes they can get carried away. If you are not comfortable climbing that tree or mounting that fountain wall, then don’t do it. That has disaster written all over it.


10. If you have a specific officiant in mind to conduct the ceremony, make sure they are available before setting the date and booking a venue. If the date and venue are more important, then this may not be as important.


11. Pick the right shoes! I cannot stress this enough. You are going to be on your feet for 8-12 hours and the right shoes can make all the difference in the world. Plus, a pair of cute flats instead of those high heels may be the thing that keeps you from slipping and falling into that chocolate fountain you just couldn’t have a wedding reception without.


12. Bring an emergency sewing kit with you to get dressed. They are cheap and easy to carry and could be a life-saver in a pinch. Avoid showing off a little too much (if you know what I mean!) with a simple needle and thread.


13. Buy your gown to fit the body you have, not the body you want. Look, I know you have a plan and you are dedicated to losing that 20 pounds, but life gets in the way and things happen. By the time you realize you couldn’t lose as much weight as you would hope it may be too late.


14. Set the seating arrangements. Even if you are having a casual wedding, having a seating arrangement at both the ceremony and the reception can prevent hostile family members and friends that don’t get along from being too close. You can’t control everyone, but you can set yourself up for success.


15. Be honest about and keep your wedding party informed on friends or family members that may not always act appropriately around alcohol. Enlisting the groomsmen or bridesmaids to help keep an eye on those unruly guests will help prevent someone from saying or doing something to embarrass you or ruin your special day.


While I can’t promise that following these guidelines will prevent all calamities, I can tell you that with a little planning and preparation you can lower your chances of ending up in a viral video you don’t want to be in.

Of course, a perfect wedding starts with the perfect wedding gown. Whether you are looking for a custom gown made with Giorgio Armani fabric or you prefer something a little more subtle, Bridalxoxo has what you need to look your best. Even if you already have your gown, we have the perfect accessories and the ability to provide top-notch alterations and unmatched service.

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