5 tips to reducing anxiety while planning your wedding0

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts involved, and even if you are using a wedding planner there is still a lot to do. Dealing with all of the vendors, choosing colors, venues, the dress, the tux, and so much more. Not to mention trying to figure the seating arrangement so you don’t put Uncle Ted next to Cousin Mary after that big blowout they had at Christmas. Don’t forget that your sister is vegan now and your soon to be mother-in-law “suddenly” developed a gluten allergy so you need to make sure they have special plates for dinner at the reception.
It isn’t hard to see why so many brides get stressed out trying to get all of this done in time for the big day. That’s why we decided to do some research and put together our top 5 tips for reducing anxiety during the planning process.


Give yourself plenty of time to get things done.


Rome wasn’t built in a day and your wedding won’t be planned in a day either. If you remember “Our Definitive schedule to getting your perfect wedding gown”, it takes close to a year just to get your dress. It could take just as long to find the right venue that has your date available. Start looking as soon as you set the date to make sure you are not trying to rush to get everything done.


Las Vegas Bridal Boutique

When dress shopping, go to a bridal boutique instead of a dress shop.


Boutiques offer more personalized service and will likely carry more unique gowns. A dress shop will have a lot of generic dresses, and the only time you get personal service is if you are springing for a custom gown. Or, they may only carry one designer. Going to a bridal boutique will prevent you from having to go to multiple shops to find the right gown. In our bridal boutique in Las Vegas, if we don’t have it in the shop we can order it for you, and we carry several designers are that exclusive to us in all of Nevada so it is easier to find something gorgeous and unique.


Be selective about who you have help you.


You want someone that will help you think of things that you may not have thought f, but someone who is negative a lot or nagging will only add to the stress of the whole thing. Having too many people with you can be just as bad. The more people that are with you, the more opinions you will have and that will just make it more difficult to make a decision. So, keep the entourage small and full of people that have your best interest at heart.


Take a break sometimes.


There is a lot to be done to make sure everything is perfect, but you need to walk away from it all every once in awhile. Burnout is real, and when you go hard at something like planning a wedding for a year, you can drive yourself crazy. So take a few days every once in awhile. The flowers and food will be there when you get back, we promise.


Las Vegas Wedding GownsEnjoy the process.


You will only get to do this once (hopefully!) so don’t let the enjoyable parts pass you up. Take a step back and take it all in. The vendors waiting on you hand and foot. The caterers bringing you all manner of fun and exotic foods to try. The florist arranging your favorite flowers in amazing ways. Thre are a lot of things happening, but a lot of those things can be really fun if you let them be. These things don’t happen every day, so take the time to enjoy it.



Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to cause anxiety either. With a good plan and a little patience, it can be one of the greatest memories you will have. We hope these tips help you enjoy the months and weeks leading up to one of the most important moments of your life.


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