6 Things Every Guy Wants On His Wedding Night0

Ladies, I think we can all agree that the wedding day is all about the bride. That’s why she gets the elaborate dress, veil, hairdo, flowers and so on. If the wedding was about the guy, it would be in a bowling alley with 17 different kinds of beer. That doesn’t mean that the groom doesn’t have a few things he would like, especially once the reception ends.

With that in mind, we spoke with a few men and got their hopes on how the wedding night would go.

    • Plan for after the event. A lot of times, once the reception is over the plan is1903816 too. Let’s make sure we plan for what happens after everyone has gone. It may take some of the spontaneity out of it, but it will be worth it to have something to look forward to once the bar at the reception closes. A glass of champagne and some fruit between just the two of us on our balcony, or some room service and music is a great way for us to wind down from the day’s festivities.


    • Skip the after parties. We still have one more…tradition…to uphold and it has been a day full of excitement and emotion. Let’s make sure we have enough left in the tank for each other.


    • Make us feel like you are just as excited as we are. All eyes have been on you all night, and that is fine. But, we don’t put on a tux every day and it would be nice if your eyes are on us. We are at our best when our egos get stroked a little and the only opinion that matters anymore is yours.


    • Hopefully, the wedding dress isn’t the only special garment you wear tonight. You look stunning in that wedding gown, and everyone that has seen you in it agrees. Maybe once we get back to our room, we can see some clothes no one else gets to see? It has been one of the most romantic days of both of our lives, and the lingerie you choose can reflect that too. In Europe, it is customary for a bride to buy the wedding dress and the “boudoir dress” together to ensure they reflect the same style. A sultry yet classy look will have us thinking back on our first night as husband and wife for a very long time!

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    • Surprise us. The whole day has been a bit of a whirlwind. We didn’t get to be together while we got dressed and the reception was spent listening to speeches and hobnobbing with the new in-laws. A little surprise at the end of the night lets us know you were thinking about us and that is exciting.


    • Enjoy the moment with us. It is the first day of the rest of our lives and likely one of our favorite memories together. Don’t forget to relish in it with us. It is true that the day is all about you, but we are still a part of it. We love making memories with you so let’s take a few moments to reflect on the day together.


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