7 Things Every Bride Needs to Know Before Shopping for a Wedding Gown0

The wedding dress. One of our life’s biggest icons that represent joy, love, and togetherness. For many brides, it is also shrouded in mystery. For what will likely the largest clothing investment of a bride’s life, most don’t really understand what it is.

Knowing the pieces that make up the whole before you start shopping in our Las Vegas bridal boutique will not only enhance the dress buying experience but can also help make sure you get a wedding dress that is perfect for you.


The foundation of the gown, the silhouette is the overall shape of the gown. The silhouette sets the tone of the entire wedding dress creating the style of the dress. Princess, ball gown, sheath, and the rest are all defined by the silhouette.

Wedding blogger Rosanna Casper has a great piece in Bridal Guide that explains each silhouette style here and how to choose one that is right for your body type.


The neckline is the frame for the face and tends to be the first thing people notice. The neckline is defined by what is covers, and also what it leaves bare. More conservative wedding gowns might feature the jewel or mandarin neckline while a sexier number will have something like the sweetheart or one-shoulder. Picking the right neckline will leave the right first impression.


bodiceThe bodice is the piece of fabric that covers the torso. It can be plain or embellished with a number of accessories from jewels to sashes. The bodice can be backless or corset style to add additional style and sexiness and can sport straps or not.

There are hundreds of different configurations for the bodice, and can really make the dress exquisite.


Found below the waistline, the skirt can make or break the wedding gown. A well-placed slit or pleat can add tons of personality and add sex appeal or a stunning traditional look. Add a few yards of bustling and watch a good wedding dress become a princess dream! With so many styles and option available for the skirt’s design, there is no reason to not have a unique gown that will stun even the most discerning tastes.


The waistline is the seam that joins the bodice and the skirt together. It is also responsible for the shape of the gown. A low waistline can accentuate the torso while a higher waistline can add a dramatic slimming look.


Adding balance to the skirt, sleeves come in a variety of styles. Long sleeves, fitted sleeves, bell, and more all help accentuate the style of the skirt and reinforce the overall look of the gown. Even those brides that have opted for the sexy strapless style can add detachable glove-like sleeves that taper to a point at the wrist.


The length of the dress is known as the hemline, and it has hemlinesurprisingly undergone drastic changes over the years. Before World War I, the hemline was always floor length. In the 20s though, knee length hemline became popular. Dropping to the mid-calf in the 1930s, “mini” wouldn’t become an option until the sexual revolution of the 60s. At that time, however; skirt length has become a matter of preference instead of tradition.

There is still a few loosely held rules to the hemline, though. A more formal wedding will feature a floor-length gown, while a second-time bride might opt for a fun mini skirt. Somewhere in between is the “semi-formal” which falls anywhere from the knee to the calf.

Understanding the parts of your gown before you begin shopping can help you walk out with a gown that you can pass down for generations and wow your guests, and most importantly, your new husband.
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