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There is an entire genre of YouTube videos that focus on fun and creative ways to enter your wedding. Seeing these videos got us thinking about other fun ways to make a grand entrance, but more than that, it made us realize that not everyone considers the gown that goes with that super cute way to reveal yourself to the crowd.


So, we decided to put together a list of 8 unique entrances and the kind of gown that goes with them. Have a look at them, and let us know what sort of creative ways you can think of to start the festivities.


Flash mob – Get your friends together to put on a show by dancing or acting out a scene. This doesn’t require a lot of people, but the more, the merrier. You can either participate in the scene to use it as a fun way to dance down the aisle or use the mob as a distraction while you enter from the side and take your place while no one is looking. Then, when the scene is over the mob can direct everyone’s attention back to the front where you will be waiting!


If you are participating in the show, you will want to wear something easy to move in but is still beautiful like the one from Chic Nostalgia below (left). If doing a surprise entrance, you want to be the grand finale yourself and your gown can help you do that. Something unique and gorgeous is the perfect way to top off a dance number, like this Fiore Couture gown shown below (right).

Helicopter – If you are having a large outdoor wedding and budget is not a problem, then being brought in by helicopter is both dramatic and memorable. Flying in from the sky is not only decadent, but it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.


Of course, such a grand entrance requires a grand dress. There is more to consider though. A helicopter takes several minutes to fully stop moving, so unless you plan on sitting in it while everyone waits for the blades to stop spinning, you are going to need to consider your safety and the safety of those around you. Anle Custom can create a custom wedding dress that is stunning, yet safe for exiting a running helicopter.


Boat – If you are like a lot of brides that love the water, then perhaps a dockside ceremony is your style. Coming in a speedboat would be nothing but style! The wind blowing through your hair as you speed across the water is not only exciting but creates a wedding picture like you have never seen.


Of course, your gown will need to accentuate that entrance without having a lot of loose material flying around and blocking people’s view of you. A mermaid style wedding gown is the perfect solution. It connects you to the water while keeping your shape. A gown like the Ella Rosa created gown below left, or the La Femme (below right) designed beauty is the perfect style for a thrill-seeking entrance like this one.

Beach – Galloping through the sand on horseback is the quintessential romantic scene, and what better time to be romantic than your wedding? There is a reason this scene is on the cover of half of the “Romantic Novels” of the 80’s and 90’s. It may seem a bit cliché, but your wedding is not the time to worry about that type of thing. It is your day and if you want to ride in on horseback, then you should ride in on horseback!


Of course, riding a horse presents its own set of challenges when one is wearing an exquisite gown, but all is not lost. A flowing gown with a lot of tulle will allow you to ride normally without compromising your dignity. If you are keen on riding side saddle, then perhaps a Boho style gown would be the right look for you and your horse. Chic Nostalgia has a beautiful collection of Boho style gowns, and this one (Echo) would be absolutely striking.

Cinderella Carriage – No matter what theme your wedding holds, a Cinderella Carriage will fit in beautifully. A dazzling white horse pulling an ornate carriage simply screams elegance, class, and style. Disney nailed the imagery when he created this scene with Cinderella arriving at the ball in her fairy Godmother created vehicle. It is not surprising that brides have been recreating this scene ever since (brides did this for a long time before too, Disney just made it magical!)


Such a fairy tale entrance demands a dress that a Disney Princess would wear. Fiore Couture’s use of Swarovski crystals and elegant design fits this demand very well. A gown like the FioreCouture design below left with hundreds of embellishments and such a unique look is exactly the kind of gown that one would expect to see exiting a Cinderella Carriage. If you are incorporating the carriage into a more modern theme, then Katy Corso’s Koral design below right might just be the gown you are looking for.

Use Special Effects – Clever use of fog machines and lighting can create an entrance fit for Hollywood. Filling the entrance to the aisle with smoke and using backlighting can hide you from view until the perfect moment to reveal yourself. The drama and mystery created by an entrance that uses these effects correctly will no doubt be talked about for a very long time.


Of course, Hollywood effects go perfectly with the glitz and glamour of the right gown. Kenneth Winston has such a design (1748). With shimmering embellishments and a design that harkens to the golden age of Hollywood, there may not be a better-suited gown than this one.

Silhouette – Creating a silhouette entrance is easy, affordable, and impressive. All you need is a thin white sheet of fabric hanging from the ceiling or a crossbar that is taller and wider than you are, as well, as a bright white light. Simply stand behind the sheet with the light behind you to cast a crisp shadow onto the sheet. An entrance like this allows you to either reveal yourself by simply dropping the sheet, or more dramatically by slowly raising it until you are fully uncovered.


An entrance like one will need a form-fitting gown to really pull off the look you are trying to achieve. La Femme has a wedding gown with tight lines and a beautiful shape. The gown accentuates a woman’s curves in a way that will make the room’s jaw drop.

Rose petals, feathers, or balloons – Another affordable option for creating a unique and fun entrance is to drop rose petals, feathers, or balloons and walk through them as they float to the ground. This option also gives you a few items that you and your guests can take home for the scrapbook beside just pictures. It is also just plain fun and light-hearted which is a great way to start to a marriage.


For this type of entrance, a fun and unique dress is the perfect match. Kenneth Winston makes a wonderfully fun wedding gown (below left) with gorgeous applique and flowing design. If you are wanting something with a smaller outline, then a gown like this Chic Nostalgia dress (below right) might be more what you are looking for.

Of course, these are just our suggestions for unique entrances and the gowns that go with them. We know that every bride is different and has a different and truly wonderful idea of how she should look on her big day. That’s why we carry a wide variety of designer gowns that are exclusive to Bridalxoxo in Nevada. You can see all of our designers and their collections starting on our home page.


If you want to see our collection for yourself or talk about accessories, shoes, and alterations then you can make an appointment here or call us at 702.966.9717.

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