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Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to get married because of the glitz, glamor, and ability to provide couples with a magnificent yet affordable wedding. It takes just 10 minutes to get a marriage license in Sin City and with over 100,000 unions in the city each year, local wedding dress shops are doing a roaring trade.

However, regardless of a wedding’s location, the wedding dress is the centerpiece of the occasion. One of the great things about Las Vegas is that the city’s range of bridal boutiques caters to every need, including plus size wedding requests. In fact, the sheer range of options available means searching for the right wedding gown can be an arduous and even frustrating experience. Fear not, because we’re about to reveal some quick and easy tips to help you find a dress that fits within an affordable wedding budget.

Wedding Dress Style

First and foremost, choose the bridal gown that best fits the location. As you’re in Las Vegas, do you want a naughty and outrageous design to get into the Sin City spirit, or are you hoping for something more elegant and understated? The classic A-Line suits most body types but since you’re in Vegas, why not consider the figure-hugging mermaid design which is so glam that it could almost be worn as your club outfit.

The sheath design is an elegant option and can add a touch of class to any Vegas wedding. Ladies with larger legs should opt for the empire design while the ballerina or ball gown types are key components of any ‘dream’ wedding ceremony. There are a dozen typical neckline options ranging from the risqué strapless and halter designs to the debonair jewel and bateau choices.

Casablanca Wedding Gown Las Vegas

Don’t forget the importance of fabric when browsing bridal gowns in Vegas! Sin City is HOT so the last thing you need is a dress made of a fabric so heavy that it makes you feel faint. When in a bridal boutique, avoid the likes of brocade and faille because they are rather heavy and rigid.

Here are a few viable fabric options for your wedding:

  • Charmeuse: Lightweight and sleek, charmeuse is often used in lingerie.
  • Damask: A summer wedding favorite.
  • Taffeta: This material is made from synthetic and silk fibers and is crisp and smooth. The main downside is that it tends to wrinkle easily.
  • Duchesse Satin: Often a mix of silk and polyester (or rayon), this material brings out the best in your figure and also offers a gorgeous sheen.


If you want to know what our favorite fabrics are, check out our post Our 10 Favorite Wedding Dress Fabrics 


Whether you are planning a plus size wedding or else you’re a petite bride, dress sizing is a royal pain. Just remember, your gown will be at least one size higher than your normal clothing, sometimes two sizes. Don’t allow the bigger number to get you down; you will look incredible on the day.


How much are you willing to pay? If you’re aiming for an affordable wedding, perhaps you could get a second-hand dress or rent a bridal gown? There are plenty of Las Vegas bridal boutiques that offer a rental option and while you obviously want to own your wedding dress, maybe you could consider renting if your budget is just a few hundred dollars.

Be Realistic… Please!

There is only so much magic a Vegas tailor can do, so don’t pick a size that’s nearly impossible to achieve. Like it or not, you’re not going to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks and your breast size won’t suddenly swell to a D-cup from an A-cup (without surgery). Therefore, look for a gown that suits you rather than something that looks great on someone else.

Final Thoughts

A Las Vegas wedding gown is a special thing indeed so take your time and find the perfect match and fit. If you’re hoping for an affordable wedding, keep an eye out for sales. Certain wedding dress shops offer special discounts at differing times of the year and keeping your eyes open could save you a fortune. Also, try and avoid ball gowns when looking to cut costs as they use more fabric than a slender silhouette.

Buying a wedding gown in Las Vegas should be a fun and rewarding experience.  At Bridalxoxo, we do everything we can to take the stress out of dress shopping and strive to provide the highest level of service. Check out our write up about how we make your shopping great here.

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