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You’ve picked out the perfect wedding gown and the venue is set. Flowers, food, and drinks are going to be amazing. The colors you have always wanted for your wedding are even on trend right now. Through it all, helping make sure everything gets taken care of, has been the people of the wedding party.

What positions need to be filled? How many people fill each spot? Once those spots are filled, what is everyone’s job? The wedding party can be the most confusing and complicated pieces to the whole puzzle, but don’t worry! Bridalxoxo has your guide to the cast of performers responsible for making sure the rings are handed out at the perfect moment, the aisle is adorned with flowers, and the rest.

Las Vegas Wedding PartyBest Man

The best man is the guy that makes sure the groom is taken care of. The most important person for the groom, the best man has a lot of responsibility. Fashionista, advisor, and valet are just a few of the things the best man takes care. His task list also includes the master of ceremonies for the bachelor party, getting the groom to the wedding on time, signing the marriage license, and making sure the officiant gets paid. After the ceremony, the best man delivers a toast and stays on top of the venue at the reception to make sure things go off without a hitch.

Maid of Honor

Also sometimes called the Matron of Honor, or Man of Honor if it fits, this person is the bride’s right hand. Offering emotional support, planning and throwing the bridal shower, and signing the marriage license are just a few things the Maid of Honor will do during her appointment.

The maid of honor is also there to help the bride get ready on the big day and holds the bouquet during the ceremony. She will also hold the groom’s ring if there is no ring bearer. Finally, during the reception, the Maid of Honor will deliver a heartfelt toast.

GroomsmenWedding party - groomsmen

The groomsmen are the support for the groom’s chief-of-staff, the best man. Helping to plan (and pay!) for the bachelor party, pulling double duty as ushers are just a few of things the groomsmen will take care of. They will also be responsible for dancing with ladies that came stag as well as one of the most fun things to do for a wedding – decorating the getaway car.




Like the groomsmen do for the Best Man, the bridesmaids offer support for the Maid of Honor by helping plan the wedding shower, helping with various pre-wedding tasks, and more. Bridesmaids are also expected to help get the party started at the reception by hitting the dance floor and helping entertain those ladies and gentlemen that came by themselves.


Whether they are a priest, rabbi, minister, or city official the officiant is responsible for leading the bride and groom in their vows. Required to be present in every state, without the officiant there is no wedding.


Either male or female (sometimes the group will be half males and half females), ushers help guests find their seats before the ceremony begins. Usher is a great way to include people that want to be a part of the ceremony when there is no room left for the groomsmen or bridesmaid parties. This position can also be filled by teens or others too young to take part in the planning of the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Flower Girl

Usually filled with little ones aged 3-8 years, the flower girl adorns the aisle with flowers for the bride to walk on as they approach the altar. Walking on flowers is a tradition in some royal families and helps the bride feel like the princess she is.

Ring Bearer

Before the flower girl arrives, the ring bearer (also aged 3-8 years) will walk down the aisle holding the rings. The rings are traditionally tied to a small pillow in case the bearer drops it and sometimes the rings are actually fake to prevent little ones from losing them before or during the ceremony.

Candle Lighter

Mostly a Christian tradition, candle-lighters do exactly what it sounds like they do. They light candles at the altar just prior to the mother of the bride being seated. When you already have a ring bearer and flower girl, candle lighter is the perfect way to include the special children in your life as this position is designed for children 8-12 years old.

They can be dressed like the rest of the wedding party or not, and they can perform their duties with or without music playing. The choice is up to you.

Junior Bridesmaids, Junior Groomsmen, and Junior Ushers

If having candle lighters doesn’t seem right for your wedding, another way to include children aged 9-16 is by giving them “junior” positions.

These kids can perform all of the duties of their senior counterparts (except the possibly X-rated bachelor/bachelorette parties) or even take some tasks off of the plate of the senior people. Completing and sending wedding invitations and making party favors is a great way to let these juniors feel important and fulfill relevant jobs.

Page or Train BearerWedding party - Page

Wedding gowns can have trains of all sizes and lengths. If the bride’s gown has an extra-long train, it may require a few pages to carry down the aisle so that it doesn’t bunch up, get stepped on, or the worst case scenario trip the bride.

The page is another position typically given to younger children between the ages of 6 and 9 but can be fulfilled by anyone of any age.

Mother of the Bride

Knowing the bride better than anyone, the mother of the bride is pivotal in providing emotional support to the bride. The mother of the bride can also help plan the wedding, research family and cultural traditions to be included in the ceremony, help the bride select or design her wedding dress or anything else the bride needs. The mother of the bride role is the most flexible of all of the positions.

Mother of the Groom

The groom’s mother can help take on the Mother of the Bride’s responsibilities if necessary. She can also help moderate conflicts and otherwise help keep the peace between family members, guests, venue staff, and anyone else. Her most important duty, however, is the mother/son dance performed at the reception.

Father of the Bride

Traditionally, the father of the bride picks most, if not all, of the tab for the wedding. This tradition stemmed from the old system of the dowry in which the father of the bride paid the husband in money, trade, services, or a combination of the three. The dowry was meant to help the husband support the bride and was a good faith act between the two families.

Today, the father of the bride handles a few other tasks as well including picking guests up at the airport, scouting reception venues, and toasting.

Father of the GroomWedding party photography

In the past, the Father of the Groom was simply a fly on the wall, but not any longer. These days, the Father of the Groom will pay for the rehearsal dinner and help with the setup of the reception venue and address problems with the service at the reception, should the need arise. He can also help the father of the bride with airport duty and anything else needed.

As you can see, there is a large cast that helps make a wedding happen. All of them are important in their own rights and help make a wedding the memorable event it should be.

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