I stopped in to Bridalxoxo by chance after my appointment at another bridal shop was over very quickly.  I had found
BridalXoxo by doing a google search for nearby bridal stores to see if there were any in my area that I could stop in to kill
some time before the next appointment.  When my friend and I walked up to the door, the lights were all off and I was
going to leave until my friend rang the doorbell.  A few seconds later Anna appeared with a tape measure around her neck
and turned on all the lights and let us in.  She didn’t care that we didn’t have an appointment and was so very excited to
show me the dresses she had in her store.

All of her dresses are absolutely gorgeous. The MOST stunning dresses I have ever seen in my entire life.  Anna is originally
from Italy and all of her dresses are the type of beautiful high fashion dresses that you would see in European Couture
magazines. She took the time to show each and every dress to me to see if I liked them and was very open and
knowledgeable about what alterations or additions could me made to make the dress unique and beautiful.  The third dress
I put on there was it. It was absolutely amazing and so unique and detailed. I can’t wait to wear that on my wedding day!!

If you are looking for someone who loves what they do and is an excellent seamstress plus dresses that are like nothing you
have ever seen before, you have to come to Bridalxoxo.  I will recommend everyone I know to Anna!

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