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If I could give more stars I would!  Picked up my dress today & all I can say is- Do yourself a favor and take your wedding dress to be altered  here. Here are the reasons why:
#1 Anna not only alters dresses but she is also a designer for the dresses you will see @ other big brand chain bridal stores. So she can basically do anything you want to do with your dress #2 you want someone experienced with all those wedding dress fabrics, which she certainly is! #3 She is such a perfectionist! On my second fitting she looked at the dress layer by layer & re-did the length of the bottom one ( something no one would have known or noticed). She never cuts until after that second fitting. She also re-did all the crooked stiching  on my dress    ( let’s face it even Vera Wang is made in China) beause  their poor work upset her. When she was done with my dress it looked SO MUCH better, like a completely different dress & all I got done was a hem and a bustle. #4 the way she does her bustles. #5 Pricewise she charges industry standard (I’ve asked other brides what alterations cost them). As a matter of fact Alfred Angelo contracts out to her (my friend who went in with me for the 1st appointment  recognized Anna b/c her sister got hers hemmed at Alfred Angelo but Anna was the one who did the dress!-perfectly  btw) & I ended up saving since her quotes include the tax. Dear brides in general  do prepare to spend a few hundred bucks on alterations for your dress- it might come to some as a shock at first as most of us have never gotten a gown altered nor did we know how many hours of hard meticulous work it required.  Keep in mind that your quote will typically depend on your dress & the work it requires.

The experience:
3 total appointments (1st fitting, 2nd fitting, &3rd final fitting /pickup) & the dress was done within a week & a few days.It was so nice to have someone  care so much about my wedding dress! She even helped me pick out which shoes to wear based on what she learned from her dad who was a shoe maker in italy … (I had 2 pairs & didn’t  know which ones to wear on the day of.) At the end she even stiched on our initials with some blue beads under the skirt!  Finally she steamed my dress & helped me carry it to the car:o !!!

I will post before & after pictures after the wedding May 16th!:)

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