The Top Things to Do the Day Before Your Wedding0

You have been planning and working on the wedding for a long time. You have met caterers, and venues, and DJs, and dress makers, and so much more and tomorrow is finally the day you take vows with your best friend.

You have worked and pushed, but there is still one more day and there are just a few more things to do before the festivities begin. Making sure the wedding is fun and goes off without a hitch takes preparation all the way up until the moment you say I do and the day before is no different. Here is our list of things to do the day before the wedding to make sure you get to enjoy the day.

  1. Eat light. Stay away from the heavy, greasy, salt filled meals. You don’t want your stomach to be a distraction. There is so much to do that doesn’t involve feeling weighed down all day.
  2. Don’t drink. Well, not too much anyway. A glass of wine with dinner isn’t so bad, but don’t let it go much further than that. A hangover is not how you want to start your day, and if you are anything like me no amount of makeup will cover the bags under your eyes!
  3. Practice your vows. Even if you plan on reading them from a piece of paper practice your vows a few times to make sure you can get through them without tripping over your own tongue.
  4. Use a facemask. Speaking of bags under the eyes, make sure your skin looks radiant and healthy with your favorite mask. Just don’t use a mask you have never used before. An allergic reaction or a dye that leaves your skin looking weird is much worse than some blemishes.
  5. Check your dress and shoes. Look for any tears or loose threads that you didn’t notice before. Better to have the time to make small fixes the day before than to have a wardrobe malfunction when it is too late to do anything about it. Also check your heels to make sure nothing breaks while you take that special walk down the aisle.
  6. Pack a day bag. Unless you are getting married in the hotel or resort you are staying, packing a bag that has all of your essentials is, well, essential. Make sure you have all of the make-up you need, your phone charger, an extra pair of socks and undergarments, and a few “just-in-case” items. Even if you think there is a slight chance you will need it, take it. Doing this the day before will keep you from rushing out the door and forgetting a key items.
  7. Get plenty of sleep. I know you are excited and it may not be easy to go to sleep but putting down the cell phone and turning off the TV might help. Getting plenty of sleep will help you get through the next day.
  8. Write yourself a letter. Jot down your thoughts and feelings in this last day as a single person. Looking back and reading the letter in a few years or a decade will be fun and writing down how you feel might help get rid of the wedding day jitters.
  9. Wear the shoes you are wearing for the ceremony. Not only will it help you to know how they will feel and keep any surprises away, but it will break them in a little. You will be in them for several hours the next day and if they haven’t been broken in your feet are going to pay the price.
  10.  Get a massage. So many people get nervous the day before and all of that nervous energy can work against you and your preparations. Relax a little and take the focus off all the things that make you nervous for an hour or so. The rejuvenation will do wonders for your body and mental state!


What pre-wedding day tips do you have? Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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